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Complete antenna testing: getting gain, radiation Diagram, efficiency, polarization.

RADOMEC can do antenna pattern measurement  for the use in design optimization
to assist in  developing and evaluating single or multi-antenna structures and / or MIMO solutions.

• We can

- Evaluate either standalone antenna designs or integrated and embedded antenna
solutions for wireless devices.
- Measure the amplitude and phase of very-near-field magnetic emissions and uses these to predict and display far-field patterns and extracted parameters in real-time.
- Calculate the  antenna gain and efficiency.
- Calculate the right and left hand circularly polarized patterns and displays axial ratio patterns.
- High-density planar antenna array
- Very near-field measurements
- Far-field predictions
- Real-time real-fast
- No chamber
- Gain, efficiency,  test at a discrete frequency
- LHCP / RHCP / AR over a range of ±30° from the center line