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Diagnostics and Testing in EMC and EMI Design for printed circuit boards (PCB-board level)

PCB designers can identify constant and transient (time-varying) emission sources.
We performed tests to support design and diagnosis of problems with EMC/EMI such as: filtering, shielding, common mode (common mode), and broadband noise immunity on printed circuit boards (board-level) etc.
We can perform compatibility tests before and after the EMC emissions detection in real time, this allows the design team to analyze and compare variations of new design. During the development of a new PCB design engineers need to identify, characterize and eliminate unwanted emissions or leakages of RF for approval compliance tests.

We can study PCB ´ s of high speed, high power, high density and/or  high density/complexity.

We can perform the pre-test ´ PCB s and solving EMC and EMI, thus avoiding unexpected problems of EMC compliance testing.