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Fluorescent Safety Markers

RADOMEC has a group of inorganic and inert markers (solid nanometric marker MARK m and ink marker MARK s) that have been tested on various metals such as Iron, Steel and Metal Alloys, Gold, Precious Crystals, Plastics. These markers are added to the product we wish to label, being inert and resistant to high pressures and temperatures. When inserted into the product to be marked, it is not visible. Under the action of a Laser Light it can be identified by the characteristics of the emitted light. We have developed a large number of these markers, which can provide product marking in batches or individual units.
These markers have a broad fluorescence spectrum that allows you to cover a wide visible spectrum that can be used in product safety marking.

We also have inks containing these markers (MARK s series) that can be used in product safety prints. These marker components are inert and stable, have been tested to varying degrees of proportion on various materials from concentrations of 1 / 20,000 to concentrations of 1/10 without any interference with the appearance and quality of the marked item.
RADOMEC has a variety of hundreds of variants of this family of markers that make it possible to control the origin of the product. These markers are unique with optoelectronic (fluorescent) spectral identity that ensures identification of the labeled product and its officially certified origin. They are added to the product during its manufacture or handling and enable the identification of various products that can be detected later, with the incidence of a test laser and confirmation of the presence of the marker. We have several families of markers (nanometric marker MARKm and MARKs safety inks), which after application in the industrial process enable the definitive later identification of the marked product.