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Services and solutions in RFID (Radio frequency identification)

RADOMEC has extensive experience in the integration of RFID with the most diverse business (industry, trade and services). We performed: feasibility study, planning, surveying and validating requirements, study of the item to be tracked, the definition of the equipment (tags, antennas, readers, and printers), RFID solution research, study of the electromagnetic environment activity, drafting the PLCM (contour mapping of losses), implementation of the solution of RFID, RFID solution testing, validation and support, giving always a focus on the use of RFID in improving the efficiency of the corporate processes.

RFID is an Auto Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) system which interchanges information using radio frequency waves. That technology, in particular the specified in the ISO 18000-6C standard, has been increasingly adopted by various industry sectors, being very important in the supply chain management.

Basically, radio frequency identification system comprises a smart label, or tag, and an interrogator or reader. This last mentioned is responsible for reading the tags and may have also the function of writing. The tag is located on the object to be tracked. This, indeed, is the device that carries the data into a RFID system, which generally consists of an antenna, and small integrated circuit (chip). The tag is only activated when located inside of the reader’s interrogation zone. Furthermore, the readers may have additional communication interfaces, such as Ethernet and WiFi, in order to other systems can receive the collected data.


Diagnostics and Testing in EMC and EMI Design for printed circuit boards (PCB-board level)

PCB designers can identify constant and transient (time-varying) emission sources.
We performed tests to support design and diagnosis of problems with EMC/EMI such as: filtering, shielding, common mode (common mode), and broadband noise immunity on printed circuit boards (board-level) etc.
We can perform compatibility tests before and after the EMC emissions detection in real time, this allows the design team to analyze and compare variations of new design. During the development of a new PCB design engineers need to identify, characterize and eliminate unwanted emissions or leakages of RF for approval compliance tests.

We can study PCB ´ s of high speed, high power, high density and/or  high density/complexity.

We can perform the pre-test ´ PCB s and solving EMC and EMI, thus avoiding unexpected problems of EMC compliance testing.

Complete antenna testing: getting gain, radiation Diagram, efficiency, polarization.

RADOMEC can do antenna pattern measurement  for the use in design optimization
to assist in  developing and evaluating single or multi-antenna structures and / or MIMO solutions.

• We can

- Evaluate either standalone antenna designs or integrated and embedded antenna
solutions for wireless devices.
- Measure the amplitude and phase of very-near-field magnetic emissions and uses these to predict and display far-field patterns and extracted parameters in real-time.
- Calculate the  antenna gain and efficiency.
- Calculate the right and left hand circularly polarized patterns and displays axial ratio patterns.
- High-density planar antenna array
- Very near-field measurements
- Far-field predictions
- Real-time real-fast
- No chamber
- Gain, efficiency,  test at a discrete frequency
- LHCP / RHCP / AR over a range of ±30° from the center line