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Dieletric Ceramic Resonators

A RADOMEC carries out studies of prospecting and development o new materials and manufacture dielectric ceramic resonators with permittivity , in the range of 2 to 300, and good stability with temperature and low loss in the frequencies from 300 MHz and above 100 GHz. Dieletrics fill the need of low  loss, high stability with temperature , compact dimensions for the resonant elements in the microwave region.

They are well studied in the literature and are commonly used in coaxial Resonators, dielectric Resonators, RF filters, capacitors and dielectrics substrates for microwave circuits, oscillators and dielectric resonators and low-loss filters.



Magnetic Ferrite-Yig

The RADOMEC has an extensive experience in the production of magnetic materials as YIG ceramic garnet for use in wireless infrastructure and  components for radar applications and microwave (isolators, Circulators, Spinners, Phase Shifters Ferrimagnetic Substrates for digital microwave integrated circuits).

Applications requiring low  loss  magnetic materials the region of 100 MHz to 100 GHz.