The RADOMEC Tecnology

RADOMEC was founded in 2008 and is located in the city of Euzébio-CE and  work with products and services for the Industry, Commerce and Universities  that use materials, equipment and services in the area of antennas and RF and microwave  components.

We offer complete development  of  RFID systems (Radio frequency identification) for the industry, commerce, hospital etc, Pre-compliance tests for antennas, EMI-EMC tests for printed circuit boards in pré and pós-conformity tests.

We provide a range of Ceramic Dielectric Materials and Ferrites for use in RF and microwave components such as Dieletric Antennas, Isolators, Circulators,  Phase Shifters, Ferrimagnetic Substrates for digital microwave integrated circuits.

We provide various devices for use in R&D Laboratories in industry  and  Academy, for analysis of carcateristicas of materials in the  RF and microwave área.